Your Journey


The BBC Diamonds Women’s Ministry hosted our 2016 Women’s Summit yesterday and received a life-changing word from our senior pastor, Bishop David G. Evans on Men, Money, and Motivation.  Over the course of our session, he showed us how God’s Word establishes how we should engage men and money in our lives.  Our motivation?  To please God, of course!  But how do we get to pleasing God when we’ve been taught to please ourselves all of this time?

As Bishop Evans revealed, there is a vision we have for ourselves and a vision that God has for us.  As God is omnipotent, it would follow that God’s vision for us is higher than the one we have for ourselves.  Even if we could learn all about the world, we would never be all-knowing like our God. Knowing that we have to aspire to God’s vision for us, what should we learn first?

The journey begins in the Word.  The Bible, through narrative and instruction, outlines what we should do to align ourselves with God and live our best lives on Earth.  He even appointed a system through which to learn and grow, the church, and leaders to guide us, our Levites – pastors and priests.  As with any discipline, mastery comes over time.  But learning, and the joy of growing in God, does not ever have to end.

Our journey into the Word will prepare us for any and every thing that we face in life. Before we walk out in our power in the world, we have to prepare our hearts. A major shift is happening for women worldwide. We are trying to achieve gender equality in compensation, healthcare, and civil rights.  Some people look to their religious texts to defend their treatment of women, but a close read of the Bible will reveal that God has always wanted an abundant life for us, not a life of lack or pain. We are worthy of the grace, mercy, and favor of God.  Empowered with this truth, we should never accept a life that is less than righteous, holy, Christ-filled, and blessed. As women, we can trust the Word of God and look to it to guide our steps. Journey well!

Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth.

3 John 1:2 

By Daina Troy


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