From Frustration to Triumph!

We’ve all experienced moments of frustration where we felt hindered or crippled from realizing a desire or specific outcome.  It could have occurred in a relationship, on the job, as a result of being unable to reach a goal or feeling like what we have been dreaming of will never become a reality.

At one point in time we may have asked ourselves: Will I always be alone? Will the promotion come? Will this debt every be paid? Will I ever be accepted? Will things always be hard?  Will I always have to fight for EVERYTHING that I want?

This disabling emotion can drive us to believe that what is blocking our way is stronger than our capacity to move “it” out of our way.   We must change our perspective.  What has presented itself as an obstacle is actually a momentary feeling that is designed to stretch you to reach beyond your own self-imposed limitations; to believe that what may appear to be impossible – possible.

How do you answer your frustration – the questions – you ask yourself?  Do you doubt that things will ever change or do you believe in the possibilities? Doubt creates defeat and will convince you of all the reasons why things will never change. Belief creates expectation and will guide you in discovering how to achieve what you have been hoping for!

How does frustration turn to triumph?  When we start believing more in achievement than we do in defeat!

By Reverend Kelly D. Mobley


Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.Proverbs 3:5


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