Rivers Rising

Today. Today I began my day just as I have done so many days before. I ate breakfast. I slowly sipped and savored my coffee. Then, I began the task of checking through my inbox. My many inboxes. Email. Facebook, LinkedIn, voicemail, and so on and so on. As I went through this somewhat monotonous task, for the 1,456 time this year considered a hiatus from all forms of electronic communication. You see, with all of the heart-wrenching news, both domestically and abroad, I find myself becoming increasingly wearied and apprehensive every time I “plug in”. What devastating national news will I learn today? What will I learn about the people who I have“friended” or “linked to” through their varied responses to such devastating news? Who will share the true negative intentions of their heart through slanderous and demeaning comments? I must admit, it can become somewhat disheartening.

So, rather than taking that social communication hiatus for which I sometimes long, I set about doing what I have done 1,456 times this year in response to these “moments.” I sought out an affirmation, a mantra to counter the negative. Today, the counterpoint I needed was sitting right in my inbox by way of a quote by famed martial artist, Bruce Lee. “Now water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend.”

Considering the state of our world in this season, these words were as chamomile to my soul. It is a truism that people have a right to their opinions, yet it is often the case that the lines of opinion versus fact are often skewed when there is unrest. What form shall I assume to “be water” in this present moment? Shall I be as stream of peaceful water or a raging rapid overtaking everything in my path? Shall I rain down my opinions and disdain with the force of a waterfall or shall I slowly, yet methodically assume the form of a steady drip as from a leaf onto a stone? You see, everyone is drawn to the power and force of a waterfall, often overlooking the power of a drop.

Over time, a steady, consistent drop of water upon a stone can alter the shape of that stone; making it to conform to the will of the water. I know. You may have started to read this passage anticipating my reconciliation between the two; however, I must admit…I have found none. Sometimes I want to flood my social networks with scathing disapproval of the injustice I see. Yet, at other times, I am convinced that just being consistent and steady will bring about change. My dilemma. My dilemma is probably your dilemma, as well.

And so, having come to no definitive answer, with humbled awareness I lift up my heart as say –

“Let the words of my mouth, and the meditation of my heart, be acceptable in thy sight, O Lord, my strength, and my redeemer.” (Psalms 19:14)

By Candy Hagamin


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