No Other Way

A few years ago, I looked up and realized that almost everyone I knew seemed to be “saved”.  Friends I partied with, my crew from college, my coworkers – suddenly we all seemed to be living under the cover of God.  Our social media posts were bold statements of God’s grace.  Our get togethers would inevitably find us discussing the goodness of God and what he had done in our lives.

But wait. I KNOW YOU.  You KNOW me!  WHEN did this happen?

I am saved and I love God, but I know that I did not always put him first.  I know that my friends did not put him first.  Was I known by a particular “sin”?  Maybe not.  But I was not known by a particular virtue, either.  I can say the same of my peers.  They were good people, but they had their fun and indulged in their own vices.  When did that become not good enough? When did it shift?  When did God take first place in our lives?

Each of us has our own testimony.  Some of us choose Jesus as children and never walk away.  Others, like the prodigal son, go out to make our own way and come to realize that there is no better place than the Father’s house.  Most of my friends have known God in some way since they were children, just like me.  But we all walked away, tempted to try our own way.  Now, we are reclaiming what our grandfathers and grandmothers spoke over us, and our parents guided us and prepared us for: a life in Christ.  Some of us are taking longer than others to come into alignment with the Lord, but as I look around I have to wonder: why do we shift when we do?

The same story is repeated to me over and over – at some point, that still, small voice becomes louder than the outside noise and we are guided back to God. All of our lives we are taught to be righteous and productive, but how can we do that without God?  We often hear that a crisis will draw you nearer to God.  But even when everything appears to be in order, there is still something missing.  Sure, you can lead a ‘decent’ life without God, but God wants us to live holy. We are ultimately empty without Christ.  So either way, we must turn to Him.

Order my steps in thy word: and let not any iniquity have dominion over me.

Psalm 119: 133

Psalm 119, all 176 verses of it, offers a fantastic meditation on submitting to God.  I cannot get back the years that I lived outside of the fullness of God.  But I can praise and worship now that I am here!  If you are in the midst of your return to God, thinking about it, or celebrating it, give this book a read today and affirm that there is NO OTHER WAY!


By Daina Troy


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