Expanding My Influence

“Enlarge your house. You are going to need a bigger place. Don’t underestimate the amount of room you will need. So BUILD, BUILD, BUILD! You will increase in EVERY direction to fill the world.” (Isaiah 54:2- VOICE)

Before we entered into this new year, I promised myself that I would BE different, THINK different, so that I could DO different. I told my friends that I was not going to use the same old wineskins to make new wine; meaning how could I really expect God to move me into something new, doing the same ole’ thing, thinking the same ole’ way, and saying the same ole’ things? I realized I could not get 2016 results following 2015 rituals. I had to THINK something different to gain a different result! As I sat there pondering how I could think differently, one word came to mind….EXPAND!

Expand means to increase in reach, extent, scope of, or capacity; to spread, to open out, to unfold. We are all being called to EXPAND!

As daughters of the SOVEREIGN God, we need to know that He desires to expand the way we think to increase our circle of influence! He wants us to reach forth and extend to a greater capacity than ever before, so that His kingdom is advanced in this earth. Being expanded by God forces us to step outside of our comfort zones and allows us to think above the limitations people have set for us and quite honestly – above the limitations we have set for ourselves.  God allows us to see what we are fully capable of and gives us a glimpse of His capacity in us.

Just THINK: Wouldn’t it be awesome for God to expand our faith, expand our experience with Him, expand our abilities, expand our influence, and expand our capacity to get the best out of us?  Wouldn’t this be awesome?


by Hawa Johnson

Reflect and respond:

1. What needs to change in my worship, prayer life, and word study habits to experience God in a new way?

2. Who am I called to influence?

3. What steps can I take to increase my reach of influence?


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