He’s got you….Just take that step!

“….you have nothing to be afraid of. Peter, suddenly bold, said “Master, if it’s really you, call me to come to you on the water”. Jesus said, “Indeed, come ahead”! (Matthew 14: 27-29, The Message)

I want to step out…but where I am is so comfortable! I want to believe…but I’m tired of waiting! I want to try that…but I’m too old to start all over! I want to trust God…but I’m afraid He just won’t do it!

Throughout history, God has always prodded His people with questions and suggestions to help us figure out what we are doing for Him. An example of this type of question is asked in Genesis 3:9.  The voice of God asked Adam a very simple question: “Where are you?” This question was not for God’s benefit, as He already knew the answer before he whispered the question. God designed the question to help Adam survey his life and come to grips with what he was doing.

As I sat and surveyed my life, I realized that there are still so many aspirations that I had and want to do for God’s kingdom. What was stopping me from just reaching out and taking that next step? I had to admit that I’m afraid: afraid of the unknown, afraid of failing, afraid of taking a wrong turn, afraid it won’t work. But God says, you have nothing to be afraid of, I have already gone before you and prepared the way. Just come, take that step!

Suddenly, I knew the only way to overcome my fear and step in faith was to step THROUGH what I feared the most. As God showed me what I was afraid of, he also showed me that He is right there with me. Wow! God is already right there with me. The SOVEREIGN God is right there with me! How can I not take that step with Him right there?

I don’t know what step you need to take next. For some of you, the next step is to finish your degree, obtain a new degree, advance to a new position in your career, or transition to a totally new job. For others, it may be to open that business, write that book, or purchase that house. Maybe your next step is to start that ministry, join that ministry, and attend that small group. I don’t know what your next step is, but I do know this: There is ALWAYS a next step. God will never be finished taking you to that next place. After all, He’s got you! Why don’t you just take that step?

by Hawa Johnson

Reflect and Respond:

1. What “next step” do you have to take to move forward in faith and in your purpose?

2. What is keeping you from taking that step of faith ?

3. Are you willing to surrender that thing to God right now?


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