First Things First

But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.  – Matthew 6:33 

In my mid-twenties, I recall having lots of chats with my girlfriends about the life we wanted to live and the type of life partner we thought would be best for us.  We had our own hopes and dreams, but we were still affected by all of the different messages geared toward single women.  My family had one perspective on who would suit me, my friends had another.  Coupled with the stories of dating in everything from magazines to romantic comedies, I could see that the road to love would not be easy!  I didn’t even know where to begin.

It may seem difficult to sort out the order that our relationships should take, but God gives us the best starting point: with Him. In God, through the study of the Bible, you can get all the direction that you need. A narrative from the Bible on how to be courted is better than a scandalous recount of a bad date in a magazine. Your girlfriend’s experience does not dictate how your life will go; we all have our own assignment and purpose. We can listen and support each other on our journeys as long as we hold fast to trusting God as the priority. When you trust God, each circumstance you face can be dealt with through his law. A “what would Jesus do” moment in the middle of a date can clarify things! When we filter things through God’s plan, rarely do we find ourselves living as less than our best.

Put God first and the rest will fall into place!

– Daina Troy


When I enter new relationships, when do invite God in?

Do I invite God into all of my relationships?  When do I exclude Him?


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