Your Promise Preserves My Life

A little girl’s daddy would always say to her “You are such a pretty and smart girl”. She would smile from ear to ear in joy, and hold her head up in confidence everywhere she went. She knew what she had been told, and she held fast to it.

Ladies, remember a word or words that were spoken to us at one time in our lives that caused us to look and act differently because we believed what was said to us? We held on to those words no matter what! But sometimes, something or someone can cause us to doubt what was spoken over us. We may not necessarily stop believing it, but we may forget who we are. How often does this happen in our lives?

The word of God can seem far away when life’s hardships become mountainous in our lives. But the word says:

I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvelous are thy works; and my soul knoweth it right well!

-Psalm 139:14

Faith is doing what God says because He’s speaking the truth. When you face life’s difficulties and remember what God said, you start acting differently, causing your life to be THE life God promised you.  As the scripture says, Your promise preserves my life (Psalm 119:50).

Believe God’s promises for your life!

-Nekesha Lewis


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