The Faith Filter

“Filter everything through your faith!” our pastor, Bishop David G. Evans offered in his Faith Life series. I thought to myself, I have a faith filter!  But then I had to think of the other filters I had.  Maybe I didn’t need those.

Maybe the girlfriend filter was one I could lose – did I really need to run everything by her?  What about the family filter? Were all of those wives’ tales and ominous warnings from my uncles helping me? And then, there was the horoscope filter – the one I have on an app on my phone.  It’s harmless right?  Although maybe that’s why I wasted an entire week waiting for something bad to happen that never happened. Maybe those filters were not what I needed to reply upon.

So how should my faith filter work? I need to see things how God sees them for me. God’s promises are outlined in his Word and if I spend time in the Word, I will continually reinforce my covenant with Him.  As I learn each new detail of his covering, I can filter what happens to me as being part of his plan to prosper and refine me.  I can invite my family and friends to read the Word with me and we will build our faith filters together.

Meditation: Isaiah 55

– Daina Troy


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