Study Sessions: Kingdom Confidence

Greetings Diamonds!  Our February session was titled “Kingdom Confidence” and focused on Genesis 29:16 -30, the story of Laban and his two daughters, Leah and Rachel, and Jacob. We discussed Leah and her confidence in God despite her situation. After our study session, we were left with a final question by one of our Diamonds: How do you push past the insecurity?

We can always look to the Bible to find strategies for our present day challenges. Let’s zoom in on Leah’s naming of her first two sons, named as “God hears me” and “God sees me”.  God was her trusted comfort during her difficult times which is evident in the intimacy they shared.  In naming her sons, she honored her relationship with Him. This is praise. Through her relationship with God she was given the security she needed to push past all manner of insecurity about what was going on around her, what was being said about her, and even what she may had felt and said about herself to herself.

In order to push past insecurity we must push ourselves to be in God’s presence with faith, praise, worship and meditating in His Word as much as possible. God’s presence gives us joy to stay focused on Him and not solely on us. Knowing God is with us is enough to empower us to push past anything.  But we need more than occasional faith or crisis communication, a continual praise is needed for kingdom confidence.  This means prayer, reading the Bible, meditation on the Word, fellowship, praise and worship. If you walk with Him, He will walk with you.

 God sees and hears me and I am confident in Him!

-Minister Cheryl Marion


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