Faith or Feelings

We have to ask ourselves: are we operating from a place of faith or feelings?

As women we are emotional but we cannot allow our emotions, along with the distractions of life, to limit our actions and kill our faith. If we trust God and allow him to be in everything in our lives things can’t fail. When we put God first we will never be last.

It is time for us to delete the negatives, reprogram our thinking with thoughts of hope and thoughts of victory. We are victorious great women of God, favored and blessed!

There is nothing too hard for God. Lets put our faith on everything in our lives and move every mountain or hindrance and begin our walk into our destiny. Where there is hope there is faith, where there is faith, miracles happen. Let’s change our prayers to include less of us and more faith. Intercede for someone else and watch God answer our prayers. This is and will be the best year of our lives.

Lord please increase our faith!

Reflection questions:

As Women what can we do to allow less of our feelings and operate more with our faith?

What steps as women of God can we take to increase our faith and minimize the distractions we have in the world today?

Let’s discuss the kinds of distractions that we face as Women today that attack our faith.

-Kia Poe


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